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"Aline is the best physical therapist. She helped me recover extremely quickly and was incredibly kind. After my second surgery, I worked with her for the first time and my range of motion was better than before the surgery. Working with Aline is fun and very helpful after injuries." 


-Jack, age 12, avid tennis player

"After struggling with chronic Achilles injury for over a year, Aline helped me to focus on correcting the cause of the problem instead of just treating it as an isolated issue. Aline observes how the body works as a whole, and is intentional about sending you home with very specific things to work on. Her encouragement and understanding really made a difference in my treatment. My injury was tedious and frustrating, but seeing Aline every week was a bright spot through it all."


-Jen, collegiate track and field and cross country runner

"I've learned that people

will forget what you said,

people will forget what

you did, but people will

never forget how you 

made them feel."

-Maya Angelou

"Aline is a healer! She has helped my entire family overcome injury and disease. She is patient, kind and extremely knowlegeable. Aline looks at the body's big picture, not just the injury sight. She has taught us how to be pro-active and avoid other injury. Aline uses terminology we can all understand and she motivates us to push forward. We consider Aline a part of our family because she cares so much about each and every one of us."


-The Gray family

"Aline has been a colleague and mentor of mine for years. She is one of the most driven and passionate people I know when it comes to getting people out of pain and back to their lives. Aline is experienced and excellent at her craft. She is someone I've turned to for years for my own rehabilitation and ideas for some of my own patients when I'm stuck and feel I need some expert guidance to help with their care. I can confidently say that Aline is one of the best therapists I know and working with her will be a delight that will exceed all expectations."


Dan Pope, DPT, OCS, CSCS

What differentiates Aline Thompson from any therapist I have visited is she emotionally connects caring about your injured body with your mind and spirit as key components to your well-being. One may enter her clinic as a stranger, but when departing, you will feel you have made a friend and that your progress to recovery is assured."


JJ Keegan, Strategist

Aline has helped me overcome injuries and improve decades-old muscle imbalances so I can continue to do the things I love. If it weren't for her I would not be skiing 20+ days a season. She is extremely knowledgeable and stays current on the latest research findings and trends in PT. I find she can alleviate my discomfort and pain in a single visit. And she's so positive that I leave every appointment feeling better both physically and mentally!

- Erica

Aline has treated me for a few different injuries, from a minor neck injury to a major post-knee-surgery recovery. I've seen a handful of PT's as an adult and Aline is by far the most thorough, dedicated and compassionate. Not only did she help me recover from the injuries, but she also helped me understand where I needed to be stronger to prevent future injuries. She's incredibly knowledgeable and meticulous. I would recommend her to any friend or family member looking for physical therapy.

- Terri

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