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Physical Therapy

  • Initial Evaluation: 60 -90 minutes

  • Follow-up visit: 60 minutes

  • Mobile PT visit (available on request)

  • Phone or Skype/FaceTime consult (time as needed to answer your question

"I believe that to

understand movement

is to understand the

whole brain." 


--Daniel Wolpert

Physical Therapy:


Your experience with Level Up Rehab will be different from the standard physical therapy you may have received. 

It all starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Your initial visit will include:

  • A comprehensive movement assessment looking at your body as a whole, in addition to individual areas including your location of complaints. 

  • A discussion of your medical and injury history and your goals for the future. 

  • An initiation of treatment

Follow up visits will include:


  • Exercises 

  • Manual therapy

  • Education


My goal is that you will complete your care with me feeling better and stronger than expected and with a better understanding on how to maintain that.

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