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How do you recharge?

It's just a fact of life that we don't feel 100%, all of the time. We spend plenty of time making sure our tech devices (phones, computers, fitbits, etc) are charged but how about ourselves? In order to have the stamina to keep at it with your life, work and of course rehab goals, taking care of yourself must be a priority. Some like to say you need to fill your bucket but I'm calling it recharge as I'm feeling awfully techy these days ;)

Here is my go-to recharge list:

-I head outside for a run: Talk about a magic pill. Running has always been the thing that clears my head.

-I listen to music: Music has the ability to have a profound positive effect on me. My tastes are eclectic so I'm not always sure what might motivate or calm me. The beauty is in the discovery.

-I go to a bookstore and browse: Reading is undoubtedly one of my passions but this isn't about reading. Strolling around a bookstore to peruse anything and everything, from fiction to business, provides a solace that Amazon does not offer.

-I seek the sun: it might be a quick 5 min of closing my eyes and feeling the rays but if you ask what I worship, the sun it is. Vitamin D for the win.

The commonality between all of these things is that they make me feel good and I know it.

Think about what your recharge is and get busy taking care of YOU.

Level Up!


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